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Before you start to fill in the rest of the form, we shall also need you to follow these initial  instructions as we need your Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the  google map on your profile page.

The coordinates will look like these numbers separated by a comma 35.1461219, 33.3717801″

Below are the instructions to help you manage this easily.

Step 1: ENTER your address and PRESS the “Search” button


Step 2: Press the + (plus) button to zoom in on the map to adjust the RED MARKER at your exact address.

Step 3:
Copy and Paste the Latitude and Longitude Co-ordinates in the FORM BELOW, and continue to fill in the rest of the form.


Please paste the latitude and longitude coordinates in one line eg. 39.3166944, 22.9218067

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250 pixels x 270 pixels

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